Dans le podcast audio Ice Cream for Everyone (en anglais), j’ai des conversations et des entretiens avec des professionnels dans des domaines qui m’intéressent particulièrement.

Les sujets auront tendance à tourner autour du jeu sur table, de la conception / design ludique, publicité et marketing, stratégie, les bières et la brasserie artisanale, la science-fiction / fantasy, et les voyages.

Pour les auditeurs français, je participe régulièrement au podcast Les Voix d’Altaride (et sur iTunes), axé sur des thèmes de discussion autour de la théorie et de la pratique du jeu de rôle sur table.

J’espère que cela vous plaira, n’hésitez pas à m’envoyer des questions si vous en avez, et si le podcast vous plait parlez-en à vos amis! Vous pouvez aussi vous abonner au podcast via iTunes, Stitcher ou bien via flux RSS:





A Taste of the Ice Cream for Everyone Podcast (5 minute edit from the first season)

Episodes Saison 2


Happy Holidays Season 2 Finale

Under Think It with Santy Chief Strategy Officer Adam Pierno

Artist Vicky Hoffman on Art & Advertising

Happy Halloween October Update

Professional Magical Girl & Host of the Modifier Podcast Meghan Dornbrock

Itchy Feet Web Comic & Travel Game Creator Malachi Rempen

Designing Pinstripe & Atmospheric Storytelling Games with Thomas Brush

Siftly’s Expert Job Matching with Frank Striefler

August Sunny Foreshadowing

Is Chicago’s Au Cheval Burger really worth all the hype? – with JP Biondi

My Birthday & Game Chef 2017 Episode

Allan Cohen – Strategy Consulting & Complex Adaptive Systems

Scoundrels, Pirates and Game Design with Randy O’Connor

Podcast Update in Chicago

GetCRAFT Co-Founder Patrick Searle – Southeast Asia’s Premier Content Network

The Go Game – with Co-Founder Ian Fraser and Game Producer Kelly Rogala

Maurice Cherry, Host of the Revision Path Design Podcast

Kim Mackenzie, Brand Strategist and Founder of the Ladies Who Strategize Slack Group

Open Legend RPG with Brian Feister, the Open Source Roleplaying Game System

Celebrating The Rolistes Gaming Podcast’s 1st Anniversary with Kalum

Ice Cream Summer Sounds

Episodes Saison 1

Ice Cream for Everyone Podcast Season 01 Finale with Adam Cohen, Lauren Giblin & James D’Souza

Les Voix d’Altaride – French Tabletop Roleplaying Gaming Podcast with Julien, Sandra & Xavier

Mitch Joel, Creating Digital First Experiences – Mirum Agency President & Host of the 6 Degrees of Separation Podcast

Greg Stolze, Game Designer (With Julien of Les Voix d’Altaride) – Unknown Armies RPG, Horror Games & Moral Dilemmas

Jim Collison, Technology Manager & Podcast Host at Gallup – StrengthsFinder & Gadget Geek

Live Audience Recording at London GameCamp 8 with Ed Fortune of Starburst Magazine, Dave, George, Sarah, Jez, Tilman & Many More!

Kwame Ferreira, Founder of KwameCorp, Design & Engineering Innovation Collective

James Whatley, Digital Director at Ogilvy & Mather London, Co-host of The Voicemail podcast & 5 Things on Friday

Heidi Hackemer, Brand Strategist and Founder of Wolf & Wilhelmine

Alexis Kennedy & Cash DeCuir of FailBetter Games, developers of Fallen London & Sunless Sea

Cindy Gallop, Make Love Not Porn Founder, Michael Bay of Business & Brand Building Professional

Tom Williams, Murder Mystery & Treasure Hunt Game Designer, A Door In A Wall

Anjali Ramachandran, phd Media Head of Innovation & Co-Founder of Ada’s List

Luke Crane, Award Winning Game Designer (Burning Wheel, MouseGuard) & Head of Games at Kickstarter

Richard Huntington, Adliterate & Group Chief Strategy Officer at Saatchi & Saatchi London

Rachel Thompson, Brand Strategist at The Barbarian Group, studied cultural anthropology and Live Action RolePlaying Games (LARPs)

Tanya de Pass, Founder #INeedDiverseGames, promoting diversity in the art of gaming

Philippa White, Founder of The International Exchange, leveraging the power of communications to solve some of the world’s biggest problems

Matthew Dawkins aka The Gentleman Gamer, Tabletop Roleplaying Gamer, Youtuber and Onyx Path Publishing Author

Tim Burrell-Saward, Lead designer at Sensible Object, creators of Fabulous Beasts (physical / digital game)

Sid Loyal, Brand Strategist and Sneaker Collector in Asia-Pacific

Ed Jowett, Roleplaying Game Designer – behind the scenes of Era: The Consortium Secret War crowdfunding project (part 2)

Ed Jowett, Roleplaying Game Designer – behind the scenes of Era: The Consortium Secret War crowdfunding project (part 1)

John Griffiths, « 98% Pure Potato: The origins of Advertising Account Planning »

Rayark Games Studio Taiwan – Implosion Zero_Day Feature Length Animation Film

Heather LeFevre, Brain Surfing Author & Founder of the Strategist Survey

George Nimeh aka @iboy, CEO Nimeh & Partners, prev. Chief Digital Officer of Kurier Newspaper Group

James Wallis, ‘Godfather of Tabletop Indie Game Design’

Michelin star chefs Björn van der Horst & Omar Romero: Creating New Restaurant Concepts

What strategists can learn from tabletop games – my talk at the European Planning Conference 2015

Hugh Garry: Adventure Travels & Storythings Director, helping businesses find new ways to tell their stories

John Wick: Award Winning Game Designer & Author (7th Sea, L5R) « The Best Ever Made »

The Hero’s Journey to Podcasting (Podcast Research & Preparation)

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